Alizeh's Birthday fundraiser for Zindagi Trust (LSBE)

For my birthday this year, I'm raising money for Zindagi Trust - a Pakistani NGO (led by Shehzad Roy). They transform falling-apart government schools into AMAZING spaces for some of the most under-served and vulnerable children in Pak. The best part? ZT teaches their students Life Skills Based Education (LSBE). This teaches them about sexual abuse and harassment, good touch and bad touch, consent, body autonomy, and gender equality (e.g. against 'boys don't cry' and 'only girls do housework'). This is an INCREDIBLE program but very underfunded! Some helpful numbers for context: $1.50 (Rs.200) = one copy of the book 'Mera Jism Mera Hai' (My Body Is My Own) $15 (Rs. 2200) = monthly cost of a student's education (LSBE + other classes) ~$50 (Rs. 8,300) = one month's operating expenses for LSBE training sessions All money raised will go directly to Zindagi Trust. If you're in Pak and the fundraiser link doesn't work, you can still donate! Message me for details 🙂 Thank you all so much

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    Alizeh's Birthday fundraiser for Zindagi Trust (LSBE)

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