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Life isn't that easy, as we expect it to be. Life never goes the way we want it the way. I also studied in khatoon e Pakistan, where I realized that 

All my life was a lie, we don't have to be stubborn with our lives. Just go with flow. In khatoon e Pakistan I felt the life I got to know money isn't every thing. For the first time in my life my parents weren't upset for me. They knew everything was ok the school has only girls with a friendly, open atmosphere and lovely place. Every thing there is awesome. Plz donate so that the place would become like a heaven.

Every child has the right to dream and deserves a quality education. Yet, there are millions of children in Pakistan who have never seen the inside of a classroom before, learnt how to read or had a chance to fulfil their potential. Poverty is depriving them of their childhood and their dreams remain far from their reach. But together, we can change this! By stepping up to support their education, we can give them a chance to shape their future and transform their lives and communities forever. I believe in the power of education, so I’ve started this fundraising campaign to help vulnerable children in Pakistan go to school. You can help me make this happen by donating to the cause – anything that you can manage! Your contribution will go a long way in creating life-changing impact for these children. Together, let’s give more power to our children.

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