Fariah's Birthday Fundraiser

For my birthday this year, help me raise funds for kids' education in Pakistan :)

Every child has the right to dream and deserves a quality education. Yet, there are millions of children in Pakistan who have never seen the inside of a classroom before, learned how to read, or had a chance to fulfill their potential. Poverty deprives them of their childhood and their dreams remain far from their reach. But together, we can change this! By supporting their education, we can give them a chance to shape their future and transform their lives and communities forever. I believe in the power of education, so I’ve started this fundraising campaign to help vulnerable children in Pakistan go to school. You can help me make this happen by donating to the cause – anything you can manage! Your contribution will go a long way in creating a life-changing impact for these children. Together, let’s give more power to our children.

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