Help Chicken who can't afford money for Education

Peace and Blessings 😊

I'm WLF youth ambassedar from Pakistan.

Everychild has the right to education. I wanna make an account for fundraising for children,they do not have access to resources to learn to read and write and they are in urgent need of educational resources like e-books, literacy packs and tutoring so they can discover the joy of reading and access better life opportunities.

We, like you, know the life changing value that learning to read and write brings. From better job prospects, healthier families and breaking the cycle of poverty.

You can help pass your passion for literacy forward by getting involved today!

A gift of $10 a month can help us to provide books and literary sources to children who deserve them most.

Help us to eradicate illiteracy worldwide!  You can help me make this happen by donating.

Thank you 😊

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    Help Chicken who can't afford money for Education

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Organized by Tayyaba Nizam